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  • Hash Labs Cloud

    Hash Labs Cloud

    Our private permissioned DLT network provides an ultra-fast and highly secure solution for commercial clients. It will allow developers of distributed applications (“DApps”) to host their DApps at a much lower cost and to deploy their DApps to market much faster.

    The number of new DApp products under development around the world is growing exponentially because DApps offer their users more reliability, faster speeds and better security than traditional centralized apps hosted in co-located data centers.

    Hash Labs Cloud has been speed tested to sync up to 500,000 data points into distributed consensus per second, surpassing current co-location data syncs by up to 2,000%. We are currently offering this product on a commercial basis to financial institutions and fintech organizations.


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  • AML/KYC - ClarID

    AML/KYC – ClarID

    There are currently two problems with AML/KYC. The first problem is that the laws and regulations have increased faster than compliance officers have been able to keep up which is creating a huge bottleneck for transactions globally.

    It is currently difficult to onboard clients of financial institutions and equally difficult once they’ve been onboarded to approve their ongoing transactions. The technology industry has been rushing to keep up but, unfortunately, many of the solutions offered are fragmented. Even the best solutions usually only excel at one part of the AML/KYC life cycle.

    It is for this reason that Hash Labs created ClarID, an integrated AML/KYC solution that seamlessly connects the highly demanding requirements of compliance departments and government regulators with the commercial needs of customers.


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  • Self Sovereign Identity - SecurID

    Self Sovereign Identity – SecurID

    SecurID is a self-sovereign identity solution for individuals, businesses, institutions and governments. The Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry is changing quickly thanks to DLT and new privacy laws such as the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.

    New technology is finally making it possible to empower data ownership by those to whom the data actually belongs. SecurID is the first self-sovereign identity system built on Hash Labs Cloud, our private permissioned DLT network, with the highest levels of security and speed.

    By using SecurID our customers are in 100% control over their identity, only permissioning it with other trusted parties, and always able to remove access by those parties at any time. SecurID eliminates the friction and risks associated with moving confidential identity information around in a digitally connected world.


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