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El Matador

CNBC television host Jim Cramer is fond of saying “There’s always a bull market somewhere.” He’s right. Somewhere the price of some asset is likely rising, but what Jim doesn’t tell you is that for many a bull market there’s a matador waiting to kill it.

The history of bullfighting traces back to Spain in 711 A.D. when it was still part of the Roman empire. The first formalized bullfight was to celebrate the coronation of King Alfonso VIII.

If one were to look at stocks and bonds it would seem the bulls are running wild. They have escaped the colosseum and are running the streets of Pamplona. But the matador has tricked the bulls. In an illusion as thin as his red cape he has misled the bulls into a full charge right to their death. His sleight of hand is fiat money and his sword the digital printing press.

We have arrived at a moment in history no less significant than the fall of the Roman Empire itself which by no coincidence involved the matador’s destruction of currency by diluting the metal content of gold coins.

To simplify our allegory; the explosion of paper money and paper money denominated debt is going to destroy global stock and bond markets. This opinion is not based on conjecture but rather on history and basic math.

We all know it. We all feel that something is amiss. Intuition is powerful across all living beings and the universal fight for life has hardwired into us the most important and primal of instincts; to sense when someone or something wishes to kill us. We all feel the matador’s intentions despite his smiles to the crowd. But if life gave up so easily we wouldn’t be here.

The stock market bull is bloated and overconfident. It has mistaken its size for strength when it is merely obese. The matador’s sword is drawn and the bull’s death is all but inevitable.

In the shadows however an ancient bull is awakening. It’s muscle forged in 5,000 years of battle with never a single defeat. It is the matador’s worst nightmare. That bull is gold.

Gold is the bull that cannot be slain. It is nature in its full raw powerful glory. This bull does not fear the matador because it’s golden horns pierce the red capes of paper currency indiscriminately when it charges.

We have arrived at a historic moment. Fiat money is on the brink of collapse. While central banks in Russia and China continue to snap up gold as quickly and quietly as possible the public has been left in the dark. Our company Coro refuses to sit idly by and watch society return to bread and circuses. Coro’s raison d’être is to create a golden bull resurgence where access to gold is democratized. Join our movement by signing up to be notified when we release our product and help spread the word.

Our collective stampede of golden hoofs will send seismic tremors of fear up the spine of the matador. It’s our time.

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