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Central banks have fallen in love with gold, again

How much do central banks love gold right now? Maybe more than Mike Myers’ character in Austin Powers Goldmember. But really, central banks can’t get enough of the shiny metal, collectively buying up a record 547 tons of gold in the first 3 quarters of 2019.

FinTech and the Rising Cybersecurity Threat

As we continue our series of cybersecurity awareness articles, today we focus on the intersection of FinTech and Cybersecurity. With 98% of startups vulnerable to cyberattacks, the FinTech sector must get serious about the rising cybersecurity threat.   Fortunately for consumers, financial technology (“FinTech”) has opened

3 things everybody should know about cybersecurity

At Hash Labs and Coro, cybersecurity is our highest priority. October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but we think cybersecurity awareness should be maintained throughout the year.  Cyber threats and cybersecurity defense / counter-measures are constantly evolving. In the coming weeks, we will be posting about

El Matador

CNBC television host Jim Cramer is fond of saying “There’s always a bull market somewhere.” He’s right. Somewhere the price of some asset is likely rising, but what Jim doesn’t tell you is that for many a bull market there’s a matador waiting to kill

The upside down pyramid

Have you ever looked at a dollar bill and noticed the creepy pyramid with the all-seeing eye on top? Pyramids have long symbolized strength, stability, and continuity. All those features would seem worthy adjectives to describe a desirable type of money for our civilization to

Fintech trends to watch for

Fintech investment: On a global basis, there were 1,561 fintech investment deals closed during the first half of 2019. Payment technology companies represented the largest share of global fintech investments at 25%. Those 390 payment technology companies received 28% of all global fintech investment during

Inside the Haunted House of Money

As we enter the first day of October we feel the cool breeze of Autumn flowing in coupled with anticipation for the fiery sunset colored leaves spread across forests of the temperate climate zones. Our imaginations also turn to pumpkin pies and Halloween costumes. Old

99% is not enough

In most endeavors in life the bar for success is set pretty low and even if you don’t meet the low bar the consequences are negligible. For example, you can make it through high school answering correctly as little as 70% of the questions right

Momentum Behind Hashgraph Distributed Ledger Technology

Last night Hedera Hashgraph accomplished a significant milestone. Following 18 months of intensive development and preparation, Hedera completed the beta launch of its “Mainnet” open access network. Hedera Hashgraph is the public permissionless distributed network operating on the revolutionary Hashgraph distributed ledger technology, created by Swirlds.