Hash Labs is a technology development company focused on creating cryptographically secure solutions for governments, multinational corporations, financial institutions, and individuals. Hash Labs is the market leader in next-generation distributed ledger solutions including blockchain and directed acyclic graph, the latter of which has demonstrated tremendous potential for improved cybersecurity and speed.

The company is developing it's first financial technology ("FinTech") solution using Hashgraph's distributed ledger technology. The solution will allow physical gold to safely and securely be used in digital format as a store of value, unit of account and medium of exchange.



Through the implementation of leading-edge DLT and Crypto technologies, we build trustworthy, transparent, and immutable solutions that are highly resistant to outages, manipulation, and censorship. This provides a fundamentally different way for organizations and societies to operate.



We are committed to improving value for all stakeholders by achieving a balance between economic, environmental and social objectives. Our technologies represent a historical reversal of the movement toward centralization, which leads to a better, fairer, more equitable society.



We value privacy in the age of transparency. By launching private and fully compliant solutions, we stand for corporate openness and integrity. We also integrate the most stringent data protection tools to safeguard individuals using them.


The Global FinTech industry is experiencing disruption on an unprecedented scale due to the rapid emergence of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), such as early generation blockchain and the new generation directed acyclic graph technologies like the hashgraph consensus algorithm. Nearly 2100* crypto coins and tokens are now riding distributed ledger rails and effectively decentralizing significant volumes of financial transactions. Two or more parties can forge agreements, make transactions, build value and establish trust.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrency trading platforms based on blockchain technologies continue to grab headlines, Hash Labs believes that it is the next generation DLTs that will fully disrupt and transform how commerce and the Internet work together. Just 10 years after Bitcoin, the first blockchain was created, the combined market cap of the five most popular cryptocurrencies exceeds $172 billion*, representing one of the fastest explosions of wealth in human history. The dynamic surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies is credited to being free from direct control and potential freezing or seizure by central banks, embedded security features that eliminate the need for third-party payment processors to authenticate and verify every electronic financial transaction, eliminated exchange rate risk and relatively low cost or no-fee transactions. The next evolutionary phase of the industry is moving towards commercial-use cases and verge on mass adoption of DLT applications. Use-specific coins (utility tokens) are being created almost daily and government regulators are actively debating how cryptocurrencies will be ultimately governed.