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Hash Labs Inc. has done a name change and is currently Coro Global Inc. If you would like to read more information about our product Coro please visit We will be migrating corporate and investor relations information to in the next 30 days.

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Hash Labs is a FinTech company focused on creating solutions for the financial industry using next generation distributed ledger technologies, also known as DLTs. The use of DLTs in global commerce is improving speed, costs, and security in ways that were previously impossible.

Our greatest edge comes from the combination of

Skillful discernment of market data
Exceptional execution
Accurate anticipation of the future

Claim Your Financial Freedom

Coro is a global app that allows users to send and receive money faster, cheaper and more securely, including gold, which is the ultimate world currency.

Learn more about Coro and sign-up for the pre-launch here.

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Cyber Security is Our Priority

Hash Labs adheres to rigorous information security policies and procedures regarding data handling and privacy. It is an industry leader and standard setter in cyber security in the start-up space. It has already completed its first cyber security audit and has received its SOC 2 certificate.

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Next generation DLT Solutions

Hash Labs’ DLT solutions are built with technology that excels in security, immutability, and speed. The company is the first to have licensed the hashgraph consensus algorithm and commercialize the technology by building a suite of products that include a secure private permissioned DLT hosted network, self-sovereign identity management solution and a financial crime risk management platform.

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Hash Labs News

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